Perfect Image Collision Center


We offer different paint systems to meet every customer's needs and budgets.

  • Basic.
  • Satisfy.
  • Enjoy.
  • Perfect.




If budget is your primary concern, this basic economical paint service is for you. It provides a nice gloss to refresh your cars appearence and give you UltraViolet sun protection. We try to give you the most for a small price.

Enamel+ UV

2 Year Warranty




If durability is your primary concern, Satisfy is your choice. This service gives you not just greater durability but Urethane + IC gives your car a better gloss and protection against the elements. This option will more then satisfy you.


4 Year Warranty




Ready to enjoy your car again? This option gives a superb color match and gloss. The quality of its durabiltiy and protection is unheard of at this price.

BaseCoat/ Performance Clear Coat

5 Year Warranty




The best of the best. This is Perfect Image Collision Centers finest service. The highest quality service anyone can offer. If you want your car perfect and factory looking, you can not go wrong with this choice.

Water Base Premium Quality

8 Year Warranty